Tips for Dating a Millionaire Woman

Millionaire WomanFind yourself a millionaire

Start with online dating sites, but don't limit yourself to only those. Visit high-end bars regularly and look for lonely women drinking alone. Become a member of a golf club and go there for a coffee or visit an auction and accidentally stumble upon a woman that offered the most money for an item. Invest in yourself to gain in the end.

If you've been lucky enough to nail a date with a rich woman, you're probably wondering how you can make her happy so much that she'll wish to meet you again over and over. Make her stay with you by following these tips and enjoy the lavish lifestyle she can offer.

Be confident

Just bear in mind that no matter the zeros in her bank account, she's just a girl like any other. This means that she isn't with you because of your money, which you probably have less than she does, but because of your other qualities, whatever they may be. All women like men who hold their head up high and don't whine about everything and that applies to the rich ones.

Keep up your appearances

Don't ever make her think that she can do better than you. You'll have to be a regular gym member and look like a jackpot for her every time she sees you. There are many ways you can look after yourself without spending a dime. You can jog if you can't afford the gym, so there are no excuses for looking like crap when dating a rich woman.

Make her happy in bed

Sex is the most crucial aspect of any relationship, so is in dating a millionaire woman. Find out what curls her toes and do it every time. She'll forget all about money differences between you two. She needs to believe that you are the only one who can please her and she is the only one that can do the same for you.

Don't act like a gold digger

Women with a thick wallet are used to this type of people tip-toeing around them wherever they show up. Let her see that you don't care about her money. Take her out for a walk on the beach, or a picnic in the park, it will be a welcome change for her in comparison to the things she's used to doing. Don't ask for anything material from her and reluctantly accept any gifts she buys for you. She'll appreciate you for that.

Don't be a bootlicker

Rich people are used to other people sucking up to them. They are well aware of the spurious nature of their relationships. Be different; it'll be a refreshment for her to have someone talk to her like she is a regular girl. She'll also be under the impression that you are an honest guy who doesn't care about her wealth but wants to be truthful to her no matter what.