A Recent Survey Throws Light on the Latest Trends in Millionaire Dating Segment

Whilst Jamie Foxx and Kanye West may have been perceived as "Gold Diggers", a new survey involving 5,000 millionaires suggests that rich women are more uncertain of remarrying compared to their counterparts.

According to a recent survey conducted by popular millionaire dating site, MillionaireMatch it was revealed that very few women would consider getting married again. It was thus found out that 83.4 percent of men were okay with remarrying immediately after divorce or after death of their partner. On the other hand, a mere 5.2 percent of them said they wouldn't remarry.

Only 11 percent of the men were indecisive about the matter. The trends prove to be very different in the case of women. If statistics are to be believed, 67.9 percent of women were against getting remarried or would prefer waiting for over 10 years before tying the knot. The survey shows that only 32.1 percent of the women were in favor of getting married within 5 years.

This certainly isn't the first time that the site has thrown limelight on the dating trends prevailing among millionaires. In September, MillionaireMatch conducted a similar survey to understand the dating preferences of this exclusive section of the society. On surveying over 10,000 members it was revealed that 79.6 percent of millionaire men were seeking non – millionaire partners.

On the other hand, only 15.5 percent of wealthy women were looking to date and marry non – millionaire men. Therefore, it was found out that women had a distinct advantage over men when it comes to dating a millionaire online. Nevertheless, if you are seeking a companion regardless of whether he/she has married earlier, millionaire dating platforms are still the safest bet.

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