Boost Your Confidence and Date a Millionaire

It may be intimidating to be around rich successful men and you may be reluctant to even try dating men from the upper shelf. No need for fear! Confidence is never out of style so be sure to read how to become more confident and find a man of your dreams!

Date a Millionaire

1. Take care of you looks

It is a general belief that women who date millionaires must be drop-dead gorgeous. Usually, it is the case; men are visual and so, looks ranks high among the list of requirements for their perfect match. However, remember that tastes differ. It doesn't matter if you don't look like Jenifer Lopez - as long as you take good care of yourself and gather enough confidence you can be very successful in dating millionaires! Make sure you are in a good shape and that you groom yourself properly; at all times take a very good care of your skin, nails and hair. Men are attracted by healthy-looking women on a subconscious level so only after you take care of the basics you can think of style that fits you best. And when thinking of outfits, makeup and accessories, remember: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

2. List all your best qualities

List all your best qualities. It may be great sense of humour, firm ass, intelligence, warmth- you name it. Remember that the mix of these qualities makes you special and they put you in advantageous position against other girls. It is very useful to remember that especially if someone is interested in you based on the dating profile you have created - it means that the top qualities you presented there are particularly important for men who show interest in your profile. Whatever you are selling- they are buying!

3. Do your homework

Try to find out as much as possible about your prospective partner. The more you know the less will surprise you and it will be easier to keep your cool and appear in control at all times. If you are about to meet at a certain place, make sure you know the area and you come on time. It is crucial you know how to behave at the table and posses knowledge on what constitute good manners. One faux-pas and your confidence may plunge, so the more prepared you are the lesser chance for an error and embarrassment.

4. Remember about the body language

If you are not naturally very confident you can fake it until you make it. Remember about the right posture, look people in the eyes and control pitch of your voice. Don't cross your arms not to look inaccessible. Practice before you go out so you appear natural.

5. Treat him as an equal

The most important out of all, remember millionaires are just men as well! Of course, they have authority, money and power, but they are ruled by the same biological needs as all other men. Know your worth and show you deserve as much respect as you are willing to show men you date.