6 Great Places to Meet Millionaires

Just where are the great places to meet millionaires to date?

Actually, this is quite a difficult question to answer as meeting a millionaire is one thing, but getting his or her attention and eventually ending up dating or in a relationship is quite another. It can take a lot of time and energy and of course, money, to identify places where millionaires hang out - and that's without forever looking your best, dressing and behaving appropriately!

where to meet a millionaire

Well, here are details of 6 great places where you can try to find a millionaire who may be attracted to you and ready to date (some are serious and some not so serious!):

  • You can go to high-end bars and nightclubs in one of the world's major cities such as Los Angeles or Sydney, where rich people hang out, hoping to bump into or get introduced to a millionaire or two;
  • Sit around the lobbies of hotels such as The Four Seasons or The Ritz Carlton where rich people tend to stay; taking a chance that you might just find a millionaire you like (and hoping he is not married or have a girlfriend of wife already);
  • Maybe go to London and hang around the famous Harrods department store or to New York and walk around 5th Avenue, shopping in some of the swankier shops such as Cartier or Bulgari; or maybe even try Rodeo Drive in LA, home of glitzy fashion and money;
  • Fly to Saint Tropez or Monte Carlo and try to get invited to some of the millionaire's parties on their yachts or dine on the waterfront in some of the expensive restaurants keeping a look out for a suitable partner;
  • Possibly enrol in one of the better known finishing schools or universities which attract the rich and famous on the off-chance that you might met a millionaire and can date him whilst studying;
  • Or you can sit in front of your laptop or play with your iPhone, join a specialised millionaire dating site and put all of your efforts into searching for your ideal millionaire from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Just think of some of the advantages of online millionaire dating sites:

  • There's no need to spend all that time (and money) getting ready and travelling to venues or destinations where you think there may, just may, be eligible millionaires - only to find out that those millionaires you see already have a partner, girlfriend or wife!
  • There are no geographic constraints with online dating as there are with traditional ways of looking for millionaires to date; it doesn't really matter if you are living in London, Sydney or Hong Kong, you can still look for and find a millionaire who might be a match for you;
  • Any initial safety concerns can be overcome as, when you feel the time is right, it's possible to arrange a meeting in a public place with one or more of the millionaires you have identified and with whom you have been chatting online, learning all about him and his likes/dislikes etc;
  • Most sites offer a great selection of eligible, available millionaires and signing up as a member is easy; within minutes of joining it's possible to start perusing the photograph and bios of such millionaires

This list can easily be added to but, if you really want to know 6 great places to find a millionaire, in order of preference, using a millionaire dating site is by far the most effective.

Modern dating technology makes finding a millionaire relatively easy, so why not use it to your advantage?